Doug Wright Awards Logo

The Doug Wright Awards were founded in May 2005 as a means of casting light on the wide range of cartoonists and comic artists working across Canada. The country’s premier comic awards, The Wrights are named after Doug Wright (1917-1983) a cartoonist whose strip Doug Wrights Family (also known as Nipper) ran for more than 30 years across Canada and several other countries.

The Doug Wright Award prize is awarded annually to the author of the best Canadian work and the most promising talent published in English in the cartooning medium. Nominated works must be published in Canada in the calendar year for which the awards are presented.

To be eligible, a work must be a first edition full length or collection, written by a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.

About the Pigskin Peters’ Award

Named after a popular character in the classic Canadian comic strip Birdseye Center (created by cartoonist Jimmie Frise) the Pigskin Peters Award recognizes avant-garde Canadian comics and other non-traditional works. In 1948, Doug Wright inherited Frise’s strip following the elder cartoonist’s untimely death and would continue to draw it for the next two decades – a fact that symbolically ties the award to the DWAs overall mission.

The annual award (established in 2008) recognizes the experimental and non-narrative efforts of Canadian cartoonists, including sketchbook material and single-panel works.

As with the two major awards, eligibility is limited to a first edition full length or collected work, written by a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.