1. Who is Doug Wright and why are the awards named after him?

Douglas Austin Wright was the critically acclaimed author of Doug Wright’s Family, arguably the most widely recognized Canadian comic strip of the mid–twentieth century. Hailed for his unparalleled draftsmanship and his touching, compact narratives, Wright, alongside Charles M. Schulz and George Herriman, is one of only a handful of truly seminal twentieth century cartoonists. Read more about Doug Wright in the About section.

2. Who founded the Doug Wright Awards?

The Doug Wright Awards were founded in 2005 by Brad Mackay, a writer and journalist; and Seth, one of Canada’s top cartoonists. Their goal was to draw attention to the medium and its creators from both inside and outside the traditional comics community. The first Doug Wright Awards ceremony was held in May 2005.

3. Do I have to be a Canadian to enter?

The Doug Wright Awards are open to Canadian citizens or those with permanent resident/landed immigrant status (i.e., you must legally be able to work in Canada). Those who live in Canada but do not have legal status are not eligible.

4. Does my book have to have been published in Canada to be entered?

Entries to the Doug Wright Awards may be published anywhere in the world, provided the creator(s) are Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

5. Do I have to be a cartoonist or involved in the comics industry to attend the awards ceremony?

Anyone may attend the Doug Wright Awards, whether they are a cartoonist, a fan, or simply curious. Although we suggest a $5 pay-what-you-can entry fee, there is not officially any cost to attend.

6. Is there prize money?

Doug Wright Award winners will receive a modest cash prize along with their award. We hope to raise the amount in the coming years.

7. What is my submission fee used for?

The Doug Wright Awards Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the Canadian comics industry. All money raised, including submission fees, is used to cover costs related to the awards ceremony, including trophies, certificates, audio-visual staff, host, Web-hosting costs, and more.

8. Can I enter my own work?

Entries to the Doug Wright Awards may be made by a book’s creator or its publisher. In the case of the Nipper and Pigskin Peters awards, anyone may nominate a creator, provided the creator is aware of the nomination, by contacting the Doug Wright Awards. If you know of someone you think should enter the awards but do not have a personal connection to them, let us know and we’ll be happy to reach out to them.

9. What types of comics qualify?

The Doug Wright Awards is committed to supporting Canadian comics in all their forms. Submitted books may include, for example, graphic novels, single comics, mini-comics, or digital comics for any age, provided illustrations are integral to the book’s story and the book is published in English (whether initially or as a translation). With our current focus on books, we regret we currently do not accept entries of uncollected newspaper strips, or Web comics that do not have a cohesive narrative or topic.

10. How do I know what categories I’m eligible for?

Any book is eligible for the best book category. Books entered into the best kids’ book category must be aimed primarily at an audience aged 0–12.

11. What does it take to win a Doug Wright Award?

The Doug Wright Awards judges look at the combined quality of each book’s illustration, writing, and presentation. Each type of book is based on its own merit, i.e., a well-made mini-comic will not automatically be considered of lesser quality than a mass-produced book simply for being a mini-comic.

12. Can I enter a digital comic?

Books that originate in and are exclusive to digital platforms are eligible to enter the Doug Wright Awards. Web comics or comics published in sequence on a platform such as Instagram are eligible for the Pigskin Peters award provided the submission is a cohesive narrative or topic. We do recognize there will be grey areas as the medium continues to grow. If you’re unsure whether your comic qualifies, please contact us.