David Collier takes over Canada’s airwaves

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Apparently, David Collier is experiencing a genuine cultural moment right now. First, he wins the 2013 DWA Pigskin Peters Award a couple of weekends ago for his book Hamilton Illustratedand then delivers a loopy acceptance speech that The Comics Reporter dubbedone of the comics awards-show moments for the ages.” For those who were unable to attend the ceremony (or feel like reliving it) here it is below. Skip ahead to the 6:30 mark or so to get to the good stuff.

Then he pops up on CBC Radio’s Wiretap show this Saturday to talk about his experience re-enlisting in the Canadian Forces at the age of 42, which he documented in 2011 DWA Best Book nominee Chimo.

Host Jonathan Goldstein was a Wright Awards jury member this year and got very excited by our discussion of Collier and his career. It’s a great interview. (You can and should download the episode, “Tough Guys”, here.)

Dave Collier: Dapper Dan

Dave Collier: Dapper Dan

Then on Sunday Dave pops up on the National Broadcaster again in this CBC.ca piece about Hamilton Illustrated, which features possibly the best photo I’ve ever seen of a Canadian cartoonist — which includes some dapper pics of Seth. The story behind this story is typically Dave. Apparently he was riding his bike around Hamilton with his bowler hat/trophy on (!!!!) when he bumped into the Executive Producer of the local CBC station — who I am led to believe, ordered up a story about his win.

There’s some more fun stuff in there involving an 11-year-old girl who, in an apparently premonitory act, came to TCAF and the DWA ceremony wearing a bowler hat — but I’ll let you click through to read more.

Congratulations Dave! We’re proud of you buddy!

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