The First-timers: Stanley Wany

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The 12th Annual Doug Wright Awards ceremony will be held at Toronto’s Marriott Bloor Yorkville Hotel this Saturday May 16, 2016 starting at 8:00 p.m. (a feature event of the Toronto Comics Arts Festival). This time around there are seven first-time nominees, many of which may not be well-known to Saturday night’s crowd.

So in anticipation of the Big Night we decided to take a closer look at this year’s new-comers, in a series we’re calling “DWA First-timers”. Basically we emailed them some question designed to help you get to know them better, and this is what they had to say. Next up is Stanley Wany.

DWA First-timer: Stanley Wany

Who are you?

Stanley Wany, cartoonist and publisher for TRIP Comix.

Where are you from? And where are you based?

From Montreal, now residing in Chelsea, Quebec.

How long have you been making comics? 

I’ve been making comics pretty much all my life, but came back to it in 2006 when I started being published professionally.

Stanley Wany

What was your first comic?

My first comic was Soul Slayer for Void comics back in 1996.

Who are your favourite Canadian cartoonists?

That would be too long of a list, but the main ones are: Carlos Santos, Tin Can Forest, Jimmy Beaulieu, Rupert Bottenberg, Julie Doucet, and Joe Ollmann.

Is there anything that you think makes your work distinctly Canadian?

The prominent place Montreal plays in many of my stories as well as the conflicted sense of identity my characters have, and the subtle connection with nature.

When did you first hear of the Doug Wright Awards? 

At TCAF actually.

Will you be at TCAF? If so, where can people find you?

I’ll be at the TRIP Comix table (don’t know the number yet), signing my new book Dreamcave.

Finally, which do you prefer: Nipper or Doug Wright’s Family?

Doug Wright’s Family feels more inclusive!

Stanley Wany is nominated for the 2016 Pigskin Peters Award for Aglama (Éditions Trip). You can check out more of Stanley’s work at

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