Must read: Seth on his design process behind The Collected Doug Wright

Posted on 02. Feb, 2012 by in Uncategorized

If you were lucky enough to attend the 2009 Doug Wright Awards ceremony, you were surely as moved as we were by Seth’s thoughtful exploration of the thought processes behind his design of The Collected Doug Wright.  I worked on the book with him and I was still blown away by the ideas that motivated the way in which he put this lovely, brilliant volume together.

Ever since then we’ve had numerous requests for a copy — video, audio or otherwise — of his presentation. Sadly, we had none to give. Until now.

The latest issue of The Devil’s Artisan (#69 for those keeping score) features a long comtemplative essay by Seth about his approach to design and how it’s been influenced by early 20th century Canadian artists and illustrators. The centrepiece of the piece is Seth’s attempt to represent the talk he gave in 2009 about the Wright book, and the role  that the Vimy Ridge war memorial played in its design. It’s intelligent, insightful and moving.

And now that section of the essay is up over at The Comics Journal website (though I would strongly urge you to seek out a copy of the actual DA issue as well — it packs more of a punch on the page somehow).

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