Announcing the winners of the 2020 Doug Wright Awards

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The 16th annual Doug Wright Awards took place last night. This year’s ceremony was held at a new venue for us: the Internet. Nearly 200 people tuned in on YouTube and Facebook to find out who eventually will receive this year’s trophies once Seth gets his curbside pickup service running. We’re pleased to share the names of this year’s winners one more time:

The Doug Wright Award for best book
Nina Bunjevac
Published by Fantagraphics Books

The Nipper: The Doug Wright Award for emerging talent
(Sponsored by Broken Pencil and Valleyview Artist Retreat)
Sylvia Nickerson
for Creation
Published by Drawn & Quarterly

The Pigskin Peters: The Doug Wright Award for best small- or micro-press book
Freddy Carrasco
Published by Peow Studios

The Egghead: The Doug Wright Award for best kids’ books
The Worst Book Ever

Elise Gravel
Published by Drawn & Quarterly

Giants of the North: The Canadian Cartoonist Hall of Fame
Walter Ball
Creator of the strip Rural Route

Earlier this year, we announced that, for the first time, winners would receive a modest cash prize. Along with their trophies (or, in the case of the Pigskin Peters, their bowler hat), the winners of this year’s best book, Nipper, Pigskin Peters, and Egghead awards will each receive $100, an amount we hope to be able to increase in the future. 

This year’s Nipper award was sponsored by Broken Pencil magazine and Valleyview Artist Retreat. Valleyview will present Nipper winner Sylvia Nickerson with an additional prize: a week-long retreat in Caledon, Ontario.

Normally, we’d be selling copies of 2020’s nominated books at our TCAF booth this weekend. With the festival cancelled, our friends at the Beguiling have created a DWA nominees list on their new online bookstore. You’ll also find a list of many new books that were slated to debut at TCAF. 

If you missed the ceremony last night (and really, what else were you doing? Surely you’ve read all your comics by now), it will be playing in eternal reruns on both YouTube and Facebook. Trust us, you really want to see what David Collier gets up to. (You also missed out on special guest appearances by Fiona Smyth, Lynn Johnston, Dustin Harbin, and Chip Zdarsky.)

Congratulations to this year’s winners! Thanks to our sponsors—Broken Pencil, Valleyview Artist Retreat, Taddle Creek, and the Beguiling—thanks to our host, Don McKellar, thanks to everyone who took part last night, and a special thanks to all those who watched. 

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